Window tinting, Anti-Rain coating and headlights booking at SunStek Innovative Tinting and Detiling

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Only high-quality tinting that meets the requirements of GOST will guarantee your safety and provide good visibility at any time of the day or night!
Tinting of car windows is a reduction in the light transmission of the glass due to the application of a tint film or spraying on them. After tinting the windows of your car, trips will become even more pleasant. You can hide from prying eyes while standing in a traffic jam or waiting for a green signal at a traffic light. If the bright sun shines, you won’t even need sunglasses: tinted windows absorb excess light, thus, visibility will be better, and you will not be blinded by the sun's glare!

But tinting has a number of advantages. With it, you will protect your property left in the car, because things will not be visible from the outside, which means they will not attract the attention of the robber. Tinted windows will protect the upholstery and dashboard from burnout in bright sunlight.

Only high-quality tinting that meets the requirements of GOST will guarantee your safety and provide good visibility at any time of the day or night!
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