Up to 10 personal fitness classes on the Loncego EMS simulator in the network of EMS Dance studios

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EMS-training is a way to tighten the muscle corset, eliminate the sagging of the buttocks and chest, remove a couple of extra centimeters at the waist or hips.
EMS-training is a way to tighten the muscle corset, eliminate the sagging of the buttocks and chest, remove a couple of extra centimeters at the waist or hips. This procedure is jokingly called gymnastics for the lazy, because it does not require titanic efforts to achieve a result. Simple exercises are supplemented by a special effect on the muscles to increase the effectiveness of training.

During training, micropulse currents affect muscle fibers. Thanks to the directed action of current pulses, the contraction of all muscle fibers is achieved, even those that are not involved during normal physical exertion. Getting a regular load, the muscles acquire additional volume, become elastic, and the body acquires a beautiful relief.

EMS-training helps to bring the body into shape after a long absence of physical exertion, some illnesses, birth of a child and other factors. In addition, EMS fitness involves an additional expenditure of energy necessary for muscle contraction. That is why during the sessions spent energy reserves of the body, accumulated in the form of fats.

20 minutes of EMS training replace 3 hours in the gym for class performance. During one training session, about 500 kcal is burned, up to 93% of muscles are involved, and from 20 to 100 cycles of muscle contractions per second occur. New training methods on the Loncego EMS simulator allow you to work out more than 500 muscles in 1 session, which would take 100 classes in the gym.
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