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Sochi is a popular resort, which attracts tourists not only from different cities of Russia, but also from many countries of the world, because it is here that you can find all kinds of leisure options at any time of the year
Sochi is a popular resort, which attracts tourists not only from different cities of Russia, but also from many countries of the world, because it is here that you can find all kinds of leisure options at any time of the year. Humid subtropical climate, rainy warm winters and hot summers, the Black Sea, mountain peaks and beaches with a total length of about 150 km. Sochi resort is an ideal place for wellness and relaxation. The picturesque surroundings of Sochi do not leave anyone indifferent, because the landscape of this Russian resort is rightfully considered one of the most picturesque in the world.

The developed tourist infrastructure of the resort provides maximum comfort for vacationers and guests. Here you can find ski slopes of various categories, and at the same time go windsurfing, get a wellness holiday in one of the many resorts or boarding houses, or go scuba diving. In addition, the resort area of ​​Sochi provides other opportunities for active or measured relaxation - horseback riding and hiking, rafting, sightseeing tours, beach vacations in the summer and much more. For measured relaxation on the shore of the Sochi resort, numerous beaches are equipped, among which pebble, alternating with sandy islands, predominate.

It is worth mentioning separately about the sights of Sochi, because this resort is full of natural and historical monuments that will be interesting to every guest. Here are picturesque waterfalls, and lakes, mountain caves and canyons, healing springs and architectural monuments, such as dolmens and the remains of the fortress wall of Fort Lazarev, Stalin's dacha and the seaport building, Matsestinsky bridge and the ruins of the Byzantine fortress, an observation tower on Mount Akhun and much, much more.

Sochi is a place for year-round recreation, which is great for friendly companies, for families with children, and for romantic or business trips!
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