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According to a number of eminent cosmetologists, RF-lifting (radio wave lifting) is the future of the entire cosmetology industry.
According to a number of eminent cosmetologists, RF-lifting (radio wave lifting) is the future of the entire cosmetology industry.

Not so long ago, when it came to rejuvenation methods, surgical operations were immediately mentioned as an elixir of youth that can significantly delay the manifestations of aging. But RF technologies quickly drew attention to themselves , because they are comparable in effect to plastic surgery, but at the same time they are much less traumatic. Today, hardware cosmetology is more than capable of competing with plastic.

RF lifting is a whole group of procedures based on exposure to electromagnetic pulses. This is one of the most popular modern techniques, since it does not require a rehabilitation period, it provides a noticeable and lasting result.

Under the influence of radio frequency energy, the tissues warm up, due to which the stretched and old connective fibers of the tissue are reduced. This activates the production of collagen, thanks to which the skin becomes more elastic and youthful.
Thus, using a radio frequency pulse, it is possible to start the natural processes of rejuvenation.
Radio-frequency waves affect both the middle and lower layers of the dermis, including subcutaneous fat, all wrinkles are reduced, bags under the eyes are removed, the tone of the face and skin tone improve.
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