Rest with three meals a day, rental of sports equipment and entertainment in "Arthurs Village SPA"

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The comfortable hotel "Arthurs Village SPA" invites you to a wonderful vacation with food, entertainment programs and other benefits.
Do you want to please yourself and your loved ones with an excellent, quality vacation? Perhaps you want to devote time to your family without being distracted by your usual affairs and problems? In this case, the comfortable hotel "Arthurs Village & SPA" invites you to a wonderful vacation with food, entertainment programs and other benefits.

The hotel called Arthurs Village & SPA is located twenty-five kilometers from Moscow and offers its guests the opportunity to have a great time at a European level. The hotel offers its guests cozy, stylish rooms, decorated according to all the canons of classical style. All of them are equipped with elegant furniture, as well as equipped with modern appliances. Bathrooms include bathrobes, slippers and toiletries.

The hotel offers its guests excellent entertainment programs for adults and children, wellness treatments in a specialized Wellness center, as well as meals from a highly professional chef. The food here is prepared according to traditional recipes of various cuisines of the world, as well as according to the author’s, corporate solutions by the chef. Entertainment programs are conducted by experienced animators, delighting children and adults with a variety of contests and games. There is also a special mini-club for kids. In the Wellness Center you can enjoy yourself relaxing in the pool with various water attractions and many pleasant treatments.

Hotel Arthurs Village & SPA is perfect for a romantic weekend for two or a family trip. Here you will always be offered excellent conditions for living and recreation.
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