Removal of skin neoplasms with a diameter of up to 10 mm in the LEM-Clinic multidisciplinary clinic

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The skin prevents the penetration of harmful microorganisms and infections into the body.
The skin prevents the penetration of harmful microorganisms and infections into the body. Malfunctions in this organ can sometimes turn into undesirable health consequences. An example of such changes is the occurrence of neoplasms, which are both benign and malignant. Sometimes the reasons for their appearance are a genetic predisposition, malfunctions in the immune system, taking potent drugs, infectious diseases, and exposure to radiation.

Radio wave neoplasm removal technology can help get rid of moles, lipomas, atheromas, miliums, fibromas, keratomas, papillomas, skin horn, basal cells, vulgar and plantar warts, molluscum contagiosum and corns. In addition, the removed tissue allows for histological examination.
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