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Online Spanish course at The Cervantes Idiomas School

Accredited Spanish course with international certificate (elementary and advanced level) from the online school Cervantes Idiomas.

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Learn English Online

Learn English online or prepare for the international TOEFL and IELTS exams at London Institute, Business English, Travel English, Cambridge Academy,

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Online courses Excel, 1C, 3ds Max at Edgestile Training Center

Online courses on working in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Photoshop, 1C or Grand programs from Edgestile training center wi

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Online Photography Training Courses at "Frame" photo school

Online courses from the "Frame " photo school: the art of photography travel photography! Discount up to 90

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Pilot master class at the Fly-zone flying club

Flights by plane for one, two or three from the Fly-zone flying club: sightseeing, extreme flights or a piloting master class. Discount up to 69

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Professional retraining and distance education from the aggregator of the leading Brain Box training

Remote advanced training and on-the-job professional retraining with obtaining a state diploma from the aggregator of leading training centers Brain B

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