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Hardware manicure gel polish from Beauty Mix Studio

Beauty treatments, new shades of gel polish and big discounts on nail treatments! All this is waiting for you at Beauty Mix Studio!

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RF face lifting from the LA FENICE Beauty Cabinet

According to a number of eminent cosmetologists, RF-lifting (radio wave lifting) is the future of the entire cosmetology industry.

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Massage to choose from Igor Yevtushenko

A massage session is not only a way to relax or cheer up. In addition to a calming and tonic effect, it has healing properties and helps to correct ma

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Non-invasive carboxytherapy for face and neck from Oksana Immortal Beauty Studio

CARBOXYTHERAPY or CO2 therapy is one of the most effective and safe procedures in modern cosmetology.

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Alaska Set with 50 off Crazy Rice Delivery Services!

Rolls - a traditional dish of Japan. This is not only tasty, but also very healthy dish!

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Pressotherapy infrared warm-up from the White Cat Massage Studio

Pressotherapy actively affects the lymphatic system of the body, removes excess fluids and accumulated toxins, contribute to the intensification of nu

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Laser hair removal of axillary hollows from the SUMMER beauty studio

Modern and safe laser hair removal technology will save you from the daily shaving procedure or painful classic methods of bio-epilation.

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Honey massage from the massage studio "White Cat"

This technique of manual therapy is widespread in the east, it allows you to maintain good shape and is an excellent prevention of most chronic diseas

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Depilation with deep bikini wax armpits from the Hairdressing salon Lotus

An ideal body with soft and smooth skin is the dream of every woman.

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Unlimited subscription to the tanning bed from Gold Sun Tanning Studio

Tanning in a tanning bed allows not only to demonstrate an even bronze-chocolate color, but also to heal the body, since ultraviolet rays have a benef

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Gel Polish manicure from Beauty Studio Kristina Kulikova

After visiting Kristina Kulikova

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Tickets for the concert of the group "PICNIC" in the Surgut Philharmonic

The program "In the Hands of a Giant" introduces the viewer to the iconic songs from the album of the same name.

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