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Breakfast or coffee with dessert in the cafe "Cake Bar"

The best start to the day is a mouth-watering and healthy breakfast, which will energize for future achievements. In the modern and inviting atmospher

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Remote compilation of a personal horoscope from the company "Shop of astrological horoscopes"

A personal horoscope is a kind of personal adviser. As a rule, he provides information for all kinds of areas of life: business, love, health, travel

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Edgestile Distance Learning Access

Knowledge of Microsoft Office software is one of the key requirements for employees in various fields. Distance learning from Edgestile will allow you

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One-day or two-day tour to Karelia from the company Charm Tour

In the northwestern part of Russia there is a small republic called Karelia. It is washed by the waters of the White Sea and has a hilly relief in the

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Holidays in Armenia with accommodation in a junior or deluxe room with breakfast, sightseeing progra

Holidays in Armenia at the Sochi Palace Hotel - a good location, well-developed infrastructure, a wide range of basic and additional services, attenti

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Tour to Kamchatka from the tour operator "Timhayk"

Kamchatka is volcanoes, thermal springs, hills, waterfalls, lakes, nature reserves and many mysteries.

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Tour to Tunisia to the island of Djerba with flights from April to July with a 30 discount

Perhaps the most revered and most visited place in Tunisia is the island of Djerba. It is known for its developed tourist infrastructure, white beache

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Molecularmeal Molecular Kitchen Workshop

Molecularmeal invites you to participate in a workshop on creating molecular cuisine dishes.

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Online training course on the formation of an individual style Simple Style

Special offer from the founder of the brand of womens clothing Zabava.

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Kundalini Yoga at Lucky Space Center

Kundalini Yoga is a system of exercises designed to raise the energy of kundalini from the base of the spine through regular practice of meditation, p

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Window tinting, Anti-Rain coating and headlights booking at SunStek Innovative Tinting and Detiling

Only high-quality tinting that meets the requirements of GOST will guarantee your safety and provide good visibility at any time of the day or night!

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RF face lifting from the LA FENICE Beauty Cabinet

According to a number of eminent cosmetologists, RF-lifting (radio wave lifting) is the future of the entire cosmetology industry.

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Laser hair removal of axillary hollows from the SUMMER beauty studio

Modern and safe laser hair removal technology will save you from the daily shaving procedure or painful classic methods of bio-epilation.

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Depilation with deep bikini wax armpits from the Hairdressing salon Lotus

An ideal body with soft and smooth skin is the dream of every woman.

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Gel Polish manicure from Beauty Studio Kristina Kulikova

After visiting Kristina Kulikova

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Online Fitness Courses from the Academy of Modern Fitness

The First Steps Trainer course has been created for those who want to start a career as a fitness trainer.

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Up to 16 lessons in various areas in the dance studio "Alexandria"

Dances train strength and flexibility, develop coordination of movements.

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Nutrition program for weight loss and an individual training plan from the school of nutrition

All nutrition plans are drawn up so that the diet is balanced, the body receives the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and also does not experience st

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A one-day trip to the Moscow region with a visit to the Syanovsky caves from the extreme recreation

Club of extreme recreation and tourism "Phoenix" invites you on an exciting journey and offers to make a descent into the Syanovsky caves!

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Workshops on the manufacture of hand cream and lip balm, soap and candles

MagicHands Art Studio is a creative workshop for adults and children. Bright and creative presenters working for different age groups work here.

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Attending an art party from the Art DVino project

You will have a good and profitable time, chat with interesting people and be able to create your own unique masterpiece.

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1 or 2 hours of playing laser tag or a day of playing paintball with rental sites and equipment rent

Paintball is a team game that simulates a battle. If you want to spend your leisure time interestingly, play paintball.

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Banquet for the company in the restaurant "Armenia"

Fragrant hot barbecue, khashlama, kyufta, kolovik, which was just removed from the grill, are some of the most famous dishes that Armenian cuisine is

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Restaurant "Osteria Italians"

The place is ideal for a hearty family dinner or a date with a soul mate. The substantial menu offers a wide variety of charcoal dishes.

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Dishes and drinks at Baan Thai at a 50 discount

A wide range of aromas and unusual flavor combinations, complemented by spicy spices, will allow you to discover the world of traditional Thai dishes.

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Online course on image processing, promotion, Internet marketing, copywriting, programming

Online courses today are a popular learning method that allows you to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge remotely.

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Floating at Enjoy Float

The main advantage of the procedure is the relaxation of the spine. Also, your brain will be deprived of its main job - receiving and processing infor

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Ultrasonic cleaning, Air Flow, fluoridation and teeth whitening in dentistry Dental 7

All dental interventions are carried out under the supervision of a radiovisiograph, this ensures accurate diagnosis and high quality dental treatment

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Holidays in Turkey at the 5-star Ozkaymak Select Hotel in April and May with a 35 discount

Holidays in Turkey are very popular all year round.

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Sightseeing tour to Baikal with a 30 discount

Leisure activities on Lake Baikal are characterized by an amazing variety of activities that you can engage in both on the water of the lake itself an

  • 83% of 10203 recommend
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