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Sessions of cleansing, peeling, RF face lifting, facial skin programs, classic facial massage

The pursuit of excellence is what unites all women! Regardless of age, they always want to look great, and various cosmetic procedures help them in th

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Hardware pedicure in the beauty salon "Beautiful people"

Hardware pedicure is a procedure for the care of nails and skin of the legs, which in a short time has gained great popularity in Russia.

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Dry cleaning of outerwear, dresses, curtains in dry cleaners "Albion-A"

During its existence, the Albion-A dry cleaners network has proved itself to be the best, this is confirmed by numerous diplomas of the Moscow Governm

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Relax in your room, cottage or house Relax with rental of a barbecue area, a banquet hall

Tourist base Relax Island is located in the picturesque village of Kiselevo, Perm Territory. The institution is located in an ecologically clean area

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Visiting the play area, holding a childrens holiday at home or in the Pink Elephant game center

Game Center "Pink Elephant" - exciting games, funny animators, numerous entertainments and games for every taste, toys, as well as a good opportunity

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Online Spanish course at The Cervantes Idiomas School

Accredited Spanish course with international certificate (elementary and advanced level) from the online school Cervantes Idiomas.

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Learn English Online

Learn English online or prepare for the international TOEFL and IELTS exams at London Institute, Business English, Travel English, Cambridge Academy,

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Online courses Excel, 1C, 3ds Max at Edgestile Training Center

Online courses on working in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Photoshop, 1C or Grand programs from Edgestile training center wi

  • 83% of 10024 recommend
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Online Photography Training Courses at "Frame" photo school

Online courses from the "Frame " photo school: the art of photography travel photography! Discount up to 90

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Pilot master class at the Fly-zone flying club

Flights by plane for one, two or three from the Fly-zone flying club: sightseeing, extreme flights or a piloting master class. Discount up to 69

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Professional retraining and distance education from the aggregator of the leading Brain Box training

Remote advanced training and on-the-job professional retraining with obtaining a state diploma from the aggregator of leading training centers Brain B

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Universal Gift Voucher

This is a convenient way to order services at our partners or give it as a gift!

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Cooking courses and master classes Confectioner from scratch, Thai cuisine, Cooking for lovers, Fish

The culinary studio Moscow House of Restaurateur invites everyone who wants to master the art of cooking to exciting master classes!

  • 84% of 9936 recommend
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Upward School Online Web Design Course

Special offer from Upward School.

  • 83% of 9684 recommend
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Training in courses on makeup, architecture and lamination of eyelashes or eyebrow styling

Beauty courses are a chance to plunge into the world of pleasant transformations, where every woman gains confidence and attractiveness.

  • 83% of 10089 recommend
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Up to 10 lessons on the AquaBike simulator and Vacuterm vacuum barotrainer at the Wellness SPA

Wellness simulators are smart devices that allow you to perform physical activity in a gentle manner, but at the same time get tangible results.

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Oil change, tire fitting and more

asters provide a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of cars in the Southern Administrative District at competitive prices.

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Hardware manicure gel polish from Beauty Mix Studio

Beauty treatments, new shades of gel polish and big discounts on nail treatments! All this is waiting for you at Beauty Mix Studio!

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Massage to choose from Igor Yevtushenko

A massage session is not only a way to relax or cheer up. In addition to a calming and tonic effect, it has healing properties and helps to correct ma

  • 84% of 9745 recommend
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Pressotherapy infrared warm-up from the White Cat Massage Studio

Pressotherapy actively affects the lymphatic system of the body, removes excess fluids and accumulated toxins, contribute to the intensification of nu

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Basic diving course

In the diving club "Alternative" you will find the only one in Moscow specialized diving pool.

  • 83% of 9963 recommend
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Club of young chemists "Faraday"

Your children will learn all about working with laboratory equipment and reagents. In the classroom there are no prohibited reagents!

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The childrens quest Find Rudolph Before Its Late! Incredible Olympic Games or The Mystical Shaman

An exciting and spectacular adventure, a pleasant and memorable leisure that will entertain a small friendly company, organize a pleasant pastime for

  • 84% of 9730 recommend
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Tickets for visiting Dinopark and Ice Park on weekdays or weekends at half price

This is the largest Dinopark in Moscow, located in the open air, home to more than 50 interactive exhibits with the largest predator Tirex!

  • 84% of 10068 recommend
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Excursion to the malt factory "1516"

Cozy and warm atmosphere, attentive and polite staff, stylish interior, sports broadcasts and events will make your stay incredibly sincere.

  • 83% of 10422 recommend
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49 online courses on making money online, SMM, design, Excel from New Mindset

Study in a comfortable environment and do not waste, be more progressive and successful than all your friends.

  • 84% of 9891 recommend
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Online courses on design, graphics, Excel, video processing, making money on the Internet

Programs are developed by leading experts in their field who will check your assignments and help with the assimilation of materials.

  • 84% of 9909 recommend
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Accommodation in any room for choice for two at the Shelton Hotel

The Shelton Hotel is a modern standard of high-class relaxation, accessible to everyone!

  • 83% of 9781 recommend
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Studio family, children, romantic or individual photo session in the studio Milano-Photo

An experienced photographer will take many photos, process the best of them and provide you with a disc recording the results of shooting.

  • 84% of 10122 recommend
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Individual or group tennis lessons at the Maximatennis Tennis Club Network

Tennis is not only an interesting pastime, but also an excellent opportunity to maintain the body in good athletic form, while maintaining iron health

  • 84% of 10264 recommend
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