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All menus and drinks in the Georgian restaurant "Genatsvale" with a 50 percent discount

50 percent discount on all menus and drinks (including alcoholic beverages).

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All menus and drinks in the Borisovskiy restaurant with a 50 percent discount

50 percent discount on all menus and drinks (including alcoholic drinks) without limiting the amount of the check.

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3, 5 or 7 sessions of vacuum-roller massage or a complex for body shaping and body wraps

Wrapping , or compression bandaging, is a procedure designed to correct the figure, reduce weight, improve skin condition and correct the general cond

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Sessions of cleansing, peeling, RF face lifting, facial skin programs, classic facial massage

The pursuit of excellence is what unites all women! Regardless of age, they always want to look great, and various cosmetic procedures help them in th

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Unlimited access to the gym from the Body-club fitness center

Regular physical activity helps strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, spine and joints, and also increases the bodys resistance to di

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Hardware pedicure in the beauty salon "Beautiful people"

Hardware pedicure is a procedure for the care of nails and skin of the legs, which in a short time has gained great popularity in Russia.

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Subscription for 30,60 or 100 minutes of visiting the solarium in the healthy tanning studio Melanin

Vertical tanning bed is a type of tanning bed for smooth and intense tanning with minimal risk of burns. A rich bronze tint or a light golden tan - th

  • 83% of 9921 recommend
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Holidays on the Black Sea according to the all-inclusive system with 3 meals a day

Rest on the all-inclusive system at the Majestic Hotel is a good opportunity to relax, recharge your batteries, improve your well-being, spend time wi

  • 83% of 9777 recommend
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Breakfast or coffee with dessert in the cafe "Cake Bar"

The best start to the day is a mouth-watering and healthy breakfast, which will energize for future achievements. In the modern and inviting atmospher

  • 84% of 9702 recommend
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Fractional mesotherapy, cleansing, peeling, massage, face carboxytherapy and more

A beautiful face is an important component of female attractiveness. Improving natural data will help proper care.

  • 83% of 10033 recommend
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Dry cleaning of outerwear, dresses, curtains in dry cleaners "Albion-A"

During its existence, the Albion-A dry cleaners network has proved itself to be the best, this is confirmed by numerous diplomas of the Moscow Governm

  • 84% of 9896 recommend
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Relax in your room, cottage or house Relax with rental of a barbecue area, a banquet hall

Tourist base Relax Island is located in the picturesque village of Kiselevo, Perm Territory. The institution is located in an ecologically clean area

  • 83% of 9836 recommend
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Tire fitting and wheel balancing with a radius of R12 to R18 in a Profi tire workshop

Proper tire fitting increases the resource of the chassis and tires, so you will be spared from unnecessary expenses for repairing your favorite car.

  • 83% of 9373 recommend
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Remote compilation of a personal horoscope from the company "Shop of astrological horoscopes"

A personal horoscope is a kind of personal adviser. As a rule, he provides information for all kinds of areas of life: business, love, health, travel

  • 83% of 9859 recommend
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Menu from the Yin-Yang sushi and roll delivery service with a 60 discount

Sushi and rolls are Japanese dishes that are traditionally prepared from fragrant Japanese rice and fresh fish, but other ingredients are added at the

  • 83% of 9763 recommend
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Edgestile Distance Learning Access

Knowledge of Microsoft Office software is one of the key requirements for employees in various fields. Distance learning from Edgestile will allow you

  • 83% of 9694 recommend
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Visiting the play area, holding a childrens holiday at home or in the Pink Elephant game center

Game Center "Pink Elephant" - exciting games, funny animators, numerous entertainments and games for every taste, toys, as well as a good opportunity

  • 83% of 9544 recommend
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Online Spanish course at The Cervantes Idiomas School

Accredited Spanish course with international certificate (elementary and advanced level) from the online school Cervantes Idiomas.

  • 83% of 9655 recommend
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Learn English Online

Learn English online or prepare for the international TOEFL and IELTS exams at London Institute, Business English, Travel English, Cambridge Academy,

  • 83% of 9846 recommend
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Online courses Excel, 1C, 3ds Max at Edgestile Training Center

Online courses on working in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, MS Project, 3ds Max, ArchiCAD, Photoshop, 1C or Grand programs from Edgestile training center wi

  • 83% of 10024 recommend
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Online Photography Training Courses at "Frame" photo school

Online courses from the "Frame " photo school: the art of photography travel photography! Discount up to 90

  • 83% of 9794 recommend
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Pilot master class at the Fly-zone flying club

Flights by plane for one, two or three from the Fly-zone flying club: sightseeing, extreme flights or a piloting master class. Discount up to 69

  • 83% of 10116 recommend
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Professional retraining and distance education from the aggregator of the leading Brain Box training

Remote advanced training and on-the-job professional retraining with obtaining a state diploma from the aggregator of leading training centers Brain B

  • 84% of 9880 recommend
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Universal Gift Voucher

This is a convenient way to order services at our partners or give it as a gift!

  • 84% of 10237 recommend
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Ticket for the play "Not Friends" from the theater of modern drama in the theater house "Old Arbat"

Theater house "Old Arbat" invites viewers to spend a pleasant evening watching an amazing and life-affirming story that will be told in the play "Not

  • 83% of 9923 recommend
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Printing a modular picture, photograph or creating a composition of photographs

Printing photos is a great way to preserve memory, emotions and pleasant fragments of the past on paper.

  • 83% of 10056 recommend
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Ticket to the "Big Show of Illusions" in the "Circus of Miracles" from the theater company "Aivengo"

The "Big Show of Illusions" will open the audience an amazing world filled with magic and enchantment! The world-famous magicians, finalists of intern

  • 83% of 10265 recommend
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Bus tour "Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan: past and present "from the travel agency" Compass "

Travel agency "Compass" invites you to go on an exciting tour called "Nur-Sultan: past and present." Nur-Sultan is the capital of the Republic of Kaza

  • 84% of 9930 recommend
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One-day or two-day tour to Karelia from the company Charm Tour

In the northwestern part of Russia there is a small republic called Karelia. It is washed by the waters of the White Sea and has a hilly relief in the

  • 83% of 9972 recommend
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Holidays in Armenia with accommodation in a junior or deluxe room with breakfast, sightseeing progra

Holidays in Armenia at the Sochi Palace Hotel - a good location, well-developed infrastructure, a wide range of basic and additional services, attenti

  • 83% of 10067 recommend
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