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Tire fitting and wheel balancing with a radius of R12 to R18 in a Profi tire workshop

Proper tire fitting increases the resource of the chassis and tires, so you will be spared from unnecessary expenses for repairing your favorite car.

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Window tinting, Anti-Rain coating and headlights booking at SunStek Innovative Tinting and Detiling

Only high-quality tinting that meets the requirements of GOST will guarantee your safety and provide good visibility at any time of the day or night!

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Oil change, tire fitting and more

asters provide a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of cars in the Southern Administrative District at competitive prices.

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1 or 3 express or complex car washes from the company "NLP - Car Wash"

A car wash is a car care procedure that is periodically required for each car.

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Tire fitting and balancing of 4 wheels with a radius from R13 to R19 from the Barakat auto service

High-quality tire fitting work will help you avoid a lot of trouble along the way.

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Toning, dry cleaning, polishing

Abrasive polishing of a car is a type of restoration polishing.

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Car wash, dry cleaning, diagnostics

The team of car centers "LisAvto" - professional masters, they are well versed in their business and quickly find a common language with the client.

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Services of auto-center Reant in Lublin

Reant provides a wide range of car services.

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Dry cleaning or abrasive polishing with a protective coating in the Rds Detailing Studio deteyling

During even careful use of the car, the upholstery is polluted and saturated with unpleasant odors, especially if pets are smoked or regularly transpo

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Seasonal storage of 1 set of tires with a radius of up to R21 from the Farn House car service

Only car service specialists can guarantee compliance with all storage rules for car tires.

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Painting parts, comprehensive vehicle diagnostics at the car center "LisAvto"

Even during careful operation of the car, scratches and abrasions occur on its body. Their cause may be a pedestrian, a sloppy parking driver, branche

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Dry cleaning and polishing of the body with the removal of scratches at the car wash "Aquastar"

In the network of car wash "Aquastar" your car will be given special attention and will return the appropriate look.

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