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Ticket for the play "Not Friends" from the theater of modern drama in the theater house "Old Arbat"

Theater house "Old Arbat" invites viewers to spend a pleasant evening watching an amazing and life-affirming story that will be told in the play "Not

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Ticket to the "Big Show of Illusions" in the "Circus of Miracles" from the theater company "Aivengo"

The "Big Show of Illusions" will open the audience an amazing world filled with magic and enchantment! The world-famous magicians, finalists of intern

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Tickets for the concert of the group "PICNIC" in the Surgut Philharmonic

The program "In the Hands of a Giant" introduces the viewer to the iconic songs from the album of the same name.

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Ticket for the comedy Number 13 on the stage of the Theater at Serpukhovka with a 50 discount

An easy comedy of positions with the participation of favorite famous artists will appeal to all lovers of classical performances.

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Ticket for a performance at the Moscow Drama Theater under the direction of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Theaters attract a special atmosphere, marvelous architecture and interior.

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Ticket for the performance "Nameless Star" in the theater loft "Compass Center"

The play Nameless Star was created based on the play by Mikhail Sebastian.

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Ticket for the circus show "New Adventures of Baba Yaga" in the "Circus of Miracles" theater

The theater company "Aivengo" invites you to the circus show "The New Adventures of Baba Yaga."

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2 tickets for the performance in April at the Moscow New Drama Theater with a 50 discount

Theatrical performances from time immemorial are considered part of the cultural life of man.

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Ticket for the play Zo at the Moscow Theater of Modern Drama

The Moscow Theater of Modern Dramaturgy is the brainchild of its creator and artistic director Danin Artyom Andreyevich.

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Ticket for a concert of chamber, medieval music from the center of modern technologies in art

Musical concerts today - talented performance, popular and famous tunes, pleasant atmosphere.

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