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Holidays on the Black Sea according to the all-inclusive system with 3 meals a day

Rest on the all-inclusive system at the Majestic Hotel is a good opportunity to relax, recharge your batteries, improve your well-being, spend time wi

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One-day or two-day tour to Karelia from the company Charm Tour

In the northwestern part of Russia there is a small republic called Karelia. It is washed by the waters of the White Sea and has a hilly relief in the

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Holidays in Armenia with accommodation in a junior or deluxe room with breakfast, sightseeing progra

Holidays in Armenia at the Sochi Palace Hotel - a good location, well-developed infrastructure, a wide range of basic and additional services, attenti

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Tour to Kamchatka from the tour operator "Timhayk"

Kamchatka is volcanoes, thermal springs, hills, waterfalls, lakes, nature reserves and many mysteries.

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Eight-day tour in Pamukkale from the tour operator Russian Travel Service

Turkey is a hospitable country with a mild climate and oriental flavor.

  • 84% of 9814 recommend
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Holidays in Turkey at the 5-star Ozkaymak Select Hotel in April and May with a 35 discount

Holidays in Turkey are very popular all year round.

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5-day tour to St. Petersburg for the May holidays with accommodation at the Hotel Park

St. Petersburg is a city of romantics and lovers, the pearl of Russian culture and history.

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Tour to Crimea, Simeiz with flights from May to September with a 30 discount

The south of Crimea is one of the most popular holiday destinations, which is surrounded by the Crimean mountains and the Black Sea.

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Finland-Sweden ferry cruise from the St. Petersburg Travel Store tour operator

The restrained and amazing beauty of Scandinavia traditionally attracts travelers.

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8-day sightseeing tour to Turkey to Cappadocia with departure from Moscow and staying at a hotel fro

Turkey is a country with a rich history and unique culture, in which both eastern and western traditions and trends are reflected.

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Tour in Sochi with accommodation at the Fregat hotel and departures in March, April and May

Sochi is a popular resort, which attracts tourists not only from different cities of Russia, but also from many countries of the world, because it is

  • 83% of 9835 recommend
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Rest on an all-inclusive with three meals a day, a visit to the pool and gym at the Grand Hotel Spa

The hotel has become a diamond of the very center of the jewelry region and includes 40 rooms, exquisitely made in the Italian style.

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Hotel "Festival" in the Ryazan region

Having overcome only 170 km from Moscow along the Yegoryevsky highway or 90 km from Ryazan, you find yourself on an amazing island of beauty and Europ

  • 83% of 10116 recommend
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