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Subscription for 30,60 or 100 minutes of visiting the solarium in the healthy tanning studio Melanin

Vertical tanning bed is a type of tanning bed for smooth and intense tanning with minimal risk of burns. A rich bronze tint or a light golden tan - th

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Remote compilation of a personal horoscope from the company "Shop of astrological horoscopes"

A personal horoscope is a kind of personal adviser. As a rule, he provides information for all kinds of areas of life: business, love, health, travel

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Universal Gift Voucher

This is a convenient way to order services at our partners or give it as a gift!

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Printing a modular picture, photograph or creating a composition of photographs

Printing photos is a great way to preserve memory, emotions and pleasant fragments of the past on paper.

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Cooking courses and master classes Confectioner from scratch, Thai cuisine, Cooking for lovers, Fish

The culinary studio Moscow House of Restaurateur invites everyone who wants to master the art of cooking to exciting master classes!

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Molecularmeal Molecular Kitchen Workshop

Molecularmeal invites you to participate in a workshop on creating molecular cuisine dishes.

  • 83% of 9745 recommend
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Training in courses on makeup, architecture and lamination of eyelashes or eyebrow styling

Beauty courses are a chance to plunge into the world of pleasant transformations, where every woman gains confidence and attractiveness.

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Unlimited subscription to the tanning bed from Gold Sun Tanning Studio

Tanning in a tanning bed allows not only to demonstrate an even bronze-chocolate color, but also to heal the body, since ultraviolet rays have a benef

  • 83% of 10069 recommend
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Online Fitness Courses from the Academy of Modern Fitness

The First Steps Trainer course has been created for those who want to start a career as a fitness trainer.

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Up to 16 lessons in various areas in the dance studio "Alexandria"

Dances train strength and flexibility, develop coordination of movements.

  • 83% of 10065 recommend
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Exhibition "Diamond Fund" tour of Arbat Square, Vozdvizhenka

Excursions from the travel company Delta - a rich program, interesting scenarios, professional guides.

  • 83% of 10183 recommend
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The childrens quest Find Rudolph Before Its Late! Incredible Olympic Games or The Mystical Shaman

An exciting and spectacular adventure, a pleasant and memorable leisure that will entertain a small friendly company, organize a pleasant pastime for

  • 84% of 9730 recommend
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Climbing class

All leads and reliefs for the climbing wall were assembled by experienced experts and consultants from around the world.

  • 84% of 10187 recommend
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Workshops on the manufacture of hand cream and lip balm, soap and candles

MagicHands Art Studio is a creative workshop for adults and children. Bright and creative presenters working for different age groups work here.

  • 84% of 9843 recommend
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Excursion to the malt factory "1516"

Cozy and warm atmosphere, attentive and polite staff, stylish interior, sports broadcasts and events will make your stay incredibly sincere.

  • 83% of 10422 recommend
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Consultation on Skype or by phone from the shaman Elena Batyr

With the help of the shaman Elena Batyr, you will cope with the problems.

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Drawing up a natal chart, personal, love, culinary, childrens, business and compatibility horoscope

A personal horoscope is a kind of personal adviser. As a rule, he provides information for all kinds of areas of life: business, love, health, travel

  • 83% of 10071 recommend
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Studio family, children, romantic or individual photo session in the studio Milano-Photo

An experienced photographer will take many photos, process the best of them and provide you with a disc recording the results of shooting.

  • 84% of 10122 recommend
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Flowers in a hat box, a bouquet of roses or tulips in Kraft packaging or a floral arrangements

A bouquet of flowers is a traditional gift that everyone will enjoy.

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Astro International Star Name Registration

Do you want to make a loved one an unusual, romantic and memorable gift? Now you really can literally get the moon out of the sky for your soulmate.

  • 84% of 9909 recommend
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