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Relax in your room, cottage or house Relax with rental of a barbecue area, a banquet hall

Tourist base Relax Island is located in the picturesque village of Kiselevo, Perm Territory. The institution is located in an ecologically clean area

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Bus tour "Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan: past and present "from the travel agency" Compass "

Travel agency "Compass" invites you to go on an exciting tour called "Nur-Sultan: past and present." Nur-Sultan is the capital of the Republic of Kaza

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From 3 days in Alushta on an all-inclusive basis at the Majestic hotel

Hotel Majestic in Alushta offers a paradise holiday on the south coast.

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Tour to Tunisia to the island of Djerba with flights from April to July with a 30 discount

Perhaps the most revered and most visited place in Tunisia is the island of Djerba. It is known for its developed tourist infrastructure, white beache

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Accommodation in any room for choice for two at the Shelton Hotel

The Shelton Hotel is a modern standard of high-class relaxation, accessible to everyone!

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Sightseeing tour to Baikal with a 30 discount

Leisure activities on Lake Baikal are characterized by an amazing variety of activities that you can engage in both on the water of the lake itself an

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Walking tour of MIBC "Moscow City" from the excursion agency MCex

Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" is a huge multi-million dollar project to build a business district of the capital of Russia.

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Sightseeing bus tour of Spain and the Cote dAzur with a 30 discount

Holidays in Spain - a combination of vivid emotions and unforgettable colorful impressions.

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Rest with three meals a day, rental of sports equipment and entertainment in "Arthurs Village SPA"

The comfortable hotel "Arthurs Village SPA" invites you to a wonderful vacation with food, entertainment programs and other benefits.

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Rest with 3 meals a day and a visit to the water park, pool in the JRC "Ilona"

Health and Education Center "Ilona" - a place where you can have a bright time, improve well-being, recharge with positive emotions. Infrastructure in

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Hotel Maxima Park in Moscow region

Maxima Park is a suburban multifunctional complex for active leisure and recreation.

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Tour to Greece on the island of Corfu in May and June with a 30 discount

Corfu Island - the pearl of the Ionian Sea, sung in the legendary "Odyssey" of Homer.

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Tour in Sochi with departures from March to May with a 40 discount

Sochi is a popular resort, which attracts tourists not only from different cities of Russia, but also from many countries of the world, because it is

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