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Unlimited access to the gym from the Body-club fitness center

Regular physical activity helps strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, spine and joints, and also increases the bodys resistance to di

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Up to 10 lessons on the AquaBike simulator and Vacuterm vacuum barotrainer at the Wellness SPA

Wellness simulators are smart devices that allow you to perform physical activity in a gentle manner, but at the same time get tangible results.

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Fitness club Gym Fitness Studio at Baumanskaya

Gym Fitness Studio chain of fitness clubs - excellent service, pleasant atmosphere and qualified coaching staff.

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Kundalini Yoga at Lucky Space Center

Kundalini Yoga is a system of exercises designed to raise the energy of kundalini from the base of the spine through regular practice of meditation, p

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Up to 16 yoga classes at Lucky Space Training Center

Lucky Space Training Center is a place where everyone will find for themselves what will be of interest to him!

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Body Ballet, Stretching and Classics

Art Body Ballet Studio offers you classes according to a program compiled on the basis of twelve-year practice and experience of professional educator

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Up to 10 personal fitness classes on the Loncego EMS simulator in the network of EMS Dance studios

EMS-training is a way to tighten the muscle corset, eliminate the sagging of the buttocks and chest, remove a couple of extra centimeters at the waist

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Nutrition program for weight loss and an individual training plan from the school of nutrition

All nutrition plans are drawn up so that the diet is balanced, the body receives the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and also does not experience st

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Individual or group tennis lessons at the Maximatennis Tennis Club Network

Tennis is not only an interesting pastime, but also an excellent opportunity to maintain the body in good athletic form, while maintaining iron health

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Club cards up to 12 months

Wellness Vnukovo Village is located in the park-hotel Vnukovo Village 4 in the village of Kartmazovo.

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1 or 3 months unlimited visits to the Force Factory fitness club

Fitness is a whole philosophy of a healthy lifestyle that many people around the world adhere to.

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1 or 3 months of visiting the Bogatyr fitness club: fitness equipment, cardio zone, sauna

In the modern fitness club Bogatyr, you can join a healthy lifestyle. The sports center offers great opportunities for a comfortable pastime.

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