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3, 5 or 7 sessions of vacuum-roller massage or a complex for body shaping and body wraps

Wrapping , or compression bandaging, is a procedure designed to correct the figure, reduce weight, improve skin condition and correct the general cond

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Sessions of cleansing, peeling, RF face lifting, facial skin programs, classic facial massage

The pursuit of excellence is what unites all women! Regardless of age, they always want to look great, and various cosmetic procedures help them in th

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Hardware pedicure in the beauty salon "Beautiful people"

Hardware pedicure is a procedure for the care of nails and skin of the legs, which in a short time has gained great popularity in Russia.

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Dry cleaning of outerwear, dresses, curtains in dry cleaners "Albion-A"

During its existence, the Albion-A dry cleaners network has proved itself to be the best, this is confirmed by numerous diplomas of the Moscow Governm

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Hardware manicure gel polish from Beauty Mix Studio

Beauty treatments, new shades of gel polish and big discounts on nail treatments! All this is waiting for you at Beauty Mix Studio!

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RF face lifting from the LA FENICE Beauty Cabinet

According to a number of eminent cosmetologists, RF-lifting (radio wave lifting) is the future of the entire cosmetology industry.

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Massage to choose from Igor Yevtushenko

A massage session is not only a way to relax or cheer up. In addition to a calming and tonic effect, it has healing properties and helps to correct ma

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Non-invasive carboxytherapy for face and neck from Oksana Immortal Beauty Studio

CARBOXYTHERAPY or CO2 therapy is one of the most effective and safe procedures in modern cosmetology.

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Pressotherapy infrared warm-up from the White Cat Massage Studio

Pressotherapy actively affects the lymphatic system of the body, removes excess fluids and accumulated toxins, contribute to the intensification of nu

  • 83% of 10232 recommend
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Laser hair removal of axillary hollows from the SUMMER beauty studio

Modern and safe laser hair removal technology will save you from the daily shaving procedure or painful classic methods of bio-epilation.

  • 83% of 9928 recommend
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Honey massage from the massage studio "White Cat"

This technique of manual therapy is widespread in the east, it allows you to maintain good shape and is an excellent prevention of most chronic diseas

  • 83% of 10087 recommend
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Depilation with deep bikini wax armpits from the Hairdressing salon Lotus

An ideal body with soft and smooth skin is the dream of every woman.

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Gel Polish manicure from Beauty Studio Kristina Kulikova

After visiting Kristina Kulikova

  • 83% of 9533 recommend
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Mens or childrens haircut with styling, shaving, beard correction in barber shop Barin

Mens or childrens haircut with styling, shaving, beard correction in barber shop Barin

  • 84% of 9786 recommend
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Banquet for the company in the restaurant "Armenia"

Fragrant hot barbecue, khashlama, kyufta, kolovik, which was just removed from the grill, are some of the most famous dishes that Armenian cuisine is

  • 83% of 9735 recommend
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Coated manicure and pedicure in the studio "Brunette"

Beautiful hands, well-groomed feet are invariable attributes of attractiveness and impeccable style.

  • 84% of 10197 recommend
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Window washing or room cleaning

The use of "Cleaning Company No. 1" of professional detergents during cleaning and cleaning allows you to carefully remove various types of contaminan

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Laser hair removal sessions in the network of laser cosmetology centers Laser Clinics

Laser Clinics is a large Russian network of medical centers for laser cosmetology.

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General cleaning of the apartment, cleaning after repair and window cleaning

Your convenience is the main goal of the Chisto-Chisto cleaning company. Highly qualified specialists provide professional services in Moscow at affor

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