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A massage session is not only a way to relax or cheer up. In addition to a calming and tonic effect, it has healing properties and helps to correct many diseases.
A massage session is not only a way to relax or cheer up. In addition to a calming and tonic effect, it has healing properties and helps to correct many diseases.

To restore strength and get rid of fatigue, you do not even need to leave the house! A certified and experienced craftsman will come to you with a table, towels and oils!

For any type of massage, consultation and diagnosis - FOR FREE!

Relaxing head and foot massage “Antistress” (30 min.)

Head massage restores blood circulation to the scalp, relieves headaches, and improves hair growth. After this procedure, normalization of sleep and a significant increase in performance are noted .

Foot massage is one of the most useful and enjoyable treatments. Prevention and timely foot and foot care is the key to a healthy body, career success and a positive attitude to life.

Full body relaxing aroma massage (60 min.)

The main task of aroma massage is to relax a person. This occurs through the contact of essential oils with the nerve endings of the skin - an instant reaction of relaxation and relaxation. During the massage, tension, stress and energy condition are improved, all of which together create harmony and well-being.

Improving massage of the cervical-collar zone (30 min.) Helps to eliminate headaches and back pains, relieves insomnia, feelings of fatigue and chronic fatigue.

This type of massage is especially relevant today. Due to the long stay in the workplace in a sedentary state, many have pains in the neck and shoulder girdle. Over time, various back diseases can develop. To avoid this, cervical collar massage is the best solution to this problem.

Improving back massage (40 min.) Effectively relieves tension, fatigue, improves blood circulation. Both superficial and deep muscles of the back are vigorously worked out, which is useful both for the muscles themselves and for the spine, since the nerves coming from it are stimulated. Thus, back massage is beneficial for the whole body. In addition, it helps maintain good posture.
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