Honey massage from the massage studio "White Cat"

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This technique of manual therapy is widespread in the east, it allows you to maintain good shape and is an excellent prevention of most chronic diseases.
Honey massage is a sweet pleasure that gives a pronounced therapeutic effect. This technique of manual therapy is widespread in the east, it allows you to maintain good shape and is an excellent prevention of most chronic diseases.

This procedure solves such problems as “orange peel”, “ears” on the hips, and a flabby stomach.

Honey massage involves both strong claps and sharp “tearing” of the palms, as well as soft, pointed touches with the fingertips. The set of techniques is varied, but the essence boils down to one thing - to enrich the skin and muscles with useful microelements as much as possible and to “draw” toxins from the body
"Keep up the excellent work. Great job, I will definitely be ordering again!"
- Gerty Y.

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