Aerial tour of the suburbs by helicopter from the company "Avia Part"

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Spectacular views, magnificent landscapes with endless expanses, a scattering of tiny houses and miniature trees - you will see the world from a birds eye view.
12 minutes of flight over Moscow region ... Spectacular views, magnificent landscapes with endless expanses, a scattering of tiny houses and miniature trees - you will see the world from a bird's eye view. This is truly an unforgettable experience that will leave a lot of pleasant impressions.

An air walk over the suburbs of Moscow will be an original surprise for lovers, friends or parents. Moreover, this is an incredibly romantic way to make a declaration of love or make a marriage proposal to your soulmate.

Aero excursion will also be an excellent option for corporate leisure. Helicopter flight is not only an opportunity to see familiar sights from a new angle, but also a non-trivial option of walking through the most beautiful corners of the Moscow Region.

The specialists of the Avia Part company have developed interesting routes that will really impress the passengers of the aircraft with an amazing panorama. An experienced instructor will demonstrate several aerobatic techniques that will surely delight you.

Be sure to arm yourself with a quality camera to take stunning pictures and capture the brightest minutes of the flight.
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